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According to Merriam Webster a framework is "a basic conceptional structure (as of ideas)".

I love frameworks. They help me organize and understand complex things. Over time I have developed several frameworks that have been helpful to me in business and sometimes life in general. By writing this, I am not claiming authorship of these ideas. Some, perhaps most, of these are not unique personal inspirations, but ideas borrowed from other authors, entrepreneurs, and athletes, perhaps directly and often indirectly.

Following are the frameworks I plan to write about in this blog.

I may add to this list. I will use this post as a table of contents of sorts for the frameworks we get into.


- Founder Phases

- Spectrum of Entrepreneurship

- Scaling the Cliff

- 1%

- Quality Time (QT)

There are categories within this blog to organize posts along the lines of these frameworks. Find me on social to let me know what frameworks work for you.

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