• Levi Morehouse

What entrepreneurial phase do you want to be in?

The Founder Phases framework

One of the things I see (and occasionally experience) is that people who have optimized their quality time (QT), understand themselves. They understand their own desires. They understand why they have those desires and they have goals. Many times we go into life just pushing to achieve the next thing without a clear goal in sight. The goal does not have to be perfect, it does not have to never change, however, aiming for something specific increases the chances of success and provides clarity when faced with tough decisions.

Resist the pressure

“It is easy to feel the pressure to level up and move to the next phase or to be pushed back to the prior phase by the market.”

This idea of aiming at a goal is especially useful to founders, as they navigate the Founder Phases. It is easy to feel the pressure to level up and move to the next phase or to be pushed back to the prior phase by the market. As the attributes to the framework suggest, there is no inferior or superior phase. The key as a founder is to execute well in the phase you aim to be in.

Founder Thought Process

I suggest founders (or soon to be founders) go through the following thought process:

  1. Identify the Founder Phase you want to ultimately excel in. Check yourself on this. Understand your why behind this.

  2. Identify the attributes of that phase that will make you successful in it. Then work on these.

  3. If it is a phase you are not yet in, identify the necessary things to make it into that stage.

  4. Set short term goals that will move you in the direction of the right phase and mastery within it.

What's Next

Future posts will cover real-life examples of this decision process.

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