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Founder Phases framework

Entrepreneurship is complex. Let's break it down.

A framework I have been using internally for a few year now is what I am going to call the “Founder Phases” framework.

The idea is that as a entrepreneurial founder there are distinct phases. This post will be brief and it will simply list the phases. I reserve the right to change the names of each phase and the framework itself as the idea evolves further (I don’t love any of them, but wanted to get this out).

Founder Phases Framework

1. Apprentice

2. Warrior

3. Chief

4. Monarch

5. Emperor

Founder Framework Attributes

All founders are in one of these phases. The progression tends to go lower to higher. There is not a clear starting point (you don’t have to start at 1). There is not a definitive ending (it only ends where one wants it to and that could be 1, 5, or anywhere in between). Success at one phase does not equate to success at another phase (either up or down). It is valuable to know where you are.

It is valuable to master where you want to be. It is valuable to understand where you ultimately want to end up.

This works for solopreneurs, startup entrepreneurs, and everything in-between.

There is so much to cover related to this. I am excited to dive into this framework from numerous directions in the future.

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