• Levi Morehouse

The ultimate productivity hack for entrepreneurs

My view on how to maximize productivity hacks for entrepreneurs.

Why to use productivity hacks

Performing at the highest level every day is something many of us strive for. There is no lack of great advice on how to do this. Everything from routines that start at 4 AM and drinking ground-up bugs and mushrooms to sleeping in and drinking a lot of wine. Consuming limitless books, podcasts, and lectures, to meditation and solitude. Getting fired up with rap and hard rock to calm yourself with classical music. The list goes on and on.

I have found many of these things helpful in my life at various periods. It can be confusing to choose your own go-to productivity hacks.

“The key, though, is being aware of how you're feeling and how you need to be feeling. It all starts with awareness.”

My advice is to first, begin to learn yourself, listen to yourself, understand what your body and mind need depending on what has happened, what is happening, or what will soon happen. Understand how these circumstances affect you and act accordingly. If stress is off the charts for you, know whether for you that means you should go for a run or have a shot of whiskey. If you lack motivation at that moment, know if that means you need to listen to a good podcast or energizing music.

Once you try a few things, continue to learn yourself by assessing if they were helpful or not in driving better performance.

Only you know yourself. As you use hacks, you may find they evolve and change as well. So don’t settle into something without keeping your mind open to the fact it may not work forever.

My sports analogy

I love sports analogies, especially basketball, so expect to see them throughout my posts. The NBA legend Kobe Bryant said in his recent book, The Mamba Mentality: How I Play, "My mental preparation varied based on my headspace. It varied based on where I thought my head needed to be for that specific game. If I needed to get keyed up, for example, I listened to hard music. If I needed to soothe myself, I might play the same soundtrack I listened to on the bus in high school to put me back in that place. It's all about putting me in the place I need to be in for that game. Some games required more intensity, so I would need to get my character and mind in an animated zone. Other games, I needed calm. In that situation, I wouldn't listen to music. Sometimes, even, I would sit in total silence. The key, though, is being aware of how you're feeling and how you need to be feeling. It all starts with awareness"

What's Next

The ultimate productivity hack is to know yourself and give yourself what you need based on your specific circumstances. This requires continual learning, testing, assessing, and implementing. Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn to let me know what hacks works for you.

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