Levi is an entrepreneur and startup executive who is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, and the future.

He has deep experience in the following areas with scaling businesses.


  • Communication: Clearly and concisely communicate the company vision to all stakeholders.

  • Product Roadmap: Develop a product roadmap aligned with the company vision. Engage teams across the company for input and understanding of the priorities and progress.


  • Team: Recruit, onboard, manage early team members.

  • SLT: Build and manage a senior leadership team.

  • Board: Manage board meetings, communications, and relationships.

  • Meetings: All-hands, managers, departmental, 1on1s.

  • OKRs: Establishment of company OKRs for goal setting and tracking.


  • Traditional Debt: SBA and conventional bank debt.

  • Venture Debt: Fintech lenders and traditional banks.

  • Equity: Venture Capital fundraising from Seed through Series B.


  • Board Decks: Preparation for board meetings, including memos, decks, and resolutions.

  • Operating Plans: Development of dynamic operating plans for budgeting, forecasting, and operational analysis.

  • Reporting: Identification of KPIs (key performance indicators) and development of real-time reporting systems.

  • Back-Office: Establishment and management of Accounting, Finance, HR, IT, Sales Ops systems, software, processes, and training.

A former CPA, small business entrepreneur, and VC-backed Founder/CEO, Levi writes and speaks regularly about entrepreneurship, leadership, technology in the southeast, and the future of the accounting profession, with his thought leadership pieces featured in publications such as Forbes and Accounting Today. He has also been featured as a speaker for Startup Grind by Google, the Southeast Fintech Conference, and the Intuit Connect conference. In addition he has been featured on podcasts such as Real Clear Radio Hour, The Tech Life Podcast, the Success in Business Podcast, Zero to 5000, and the Startup Sense Podcast. 

Levi lives in Franklin, TN with his amazing wife, Alicia, and their six children. 

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